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“Mieke is a nurturing, experienced teacher who can easily work with people of all kinds and skill levels. Since completing my course with her, my confidence and competence has grown across many mediums which has greatly benefited my studies. I couldn't be more grateful!” – Kane Wills (former student)

Mieke teaches various forms of art including oil painting, drawing skills, figure drawing, textural acrylic, and other styles specific to the individual student. You can contact her to enquire about personal or group tuition, or if you live in the Marlborough area, call the Marlborough Art Society in Blenheim to attend classes taught by Mieke during the year.

Mieke has also run the 'How Great Thou Art' -Art Program for Youth, in Blenheim. Information about the course is below, but this particular program is not currently running due to Mieke starting a family, but look out for it in future!

How Great

Thou Art:  Youth Art Program


Idea and Purpose

To offer a unique art program to Marlborough youth (age 13-18), that focuses on

equipping students with a wide range of technical skills and theory in the area of visual

arts, and promotes participation in the arts. This program has an emphasis on quality

art making and technical skill in many mediums including drawing, mixed media,

acrylic and oil paint. There are also components of art history, theory, philosophy and

conceptual art that help expose students to the historical and contemporary ways of

thinking in the art world. Professional practice is also an essential element, as well as

following briefs that teach the importance and practice of research and development in

the creative process.


The benefits

  • Up skilling in technical ability.

  • Encourages creativity and personal expression in a positive way.

  • Be part of a creative group that provides fun learning in a safe and positive environment.

  • Receive education in the arts that extends further from high school curriculum and may provide inspiration for further study and career opportunities.

  • Promotes and builds self esteem and confidence.

  • Practices goal setting through to completion, which promotes and teaches patience, planning and bringing projects to fruition.

  • Quality one to one tutoring time.

  • This program would benefit those who show creativity or excellence in the arts and want further tuition.




This is a  two year course, with the first year starting in term 2 and focusing on a wide range of skills and theory, and the second year focusing on the students writing their own brief and concept and working on researching and developing one project to completion. This would end in a two week exhibition of their works at a public gallery of which they will exhibit, sell and talk  about their works.


             With funding from










Course outline



First year

Duration : Terms 2-4 , 29weeks  , 2 hours per week, on a week day after school.

Cost: TBC

Term 2.

  • Introduction

  • Polemic brief (art based on a standpoint, opinion, debate or controversy)

  • Textural paint / stretch paper

  • Drawing basics

  • Research & concept

  • Photography used for gathering imagery

Term 3.

  • Polemic continued

  • Intro to art theory / art history

  • Conceptual art

  • Polemic finished

Term 4.

  • Oil painting course

  • Old masters / contemporary

  • Art history.


Second Year

Duration : Terms 1-4 , 20hours in each school holidays.

Cost: TBC  

Term 1.

  • Construct own brief (consensus on theme )

  • Research & development

  • Concept

  • Experiment in paint

  • Source imagery

Term 2.

  • Ongoing project

  • Painting underway

  • Visiting artists

Term 3.

  • Finalization

  • Rationale written

  • Professional practice – practicing artists

Term 4.

  • Art works finished

  • Exhibition







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